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Customer Portal
Online order tracking, payments

The Customer Portal is a centralized platform (fully customized with your brand) where your customers can access their orders’ information in real-time, track their order status, download their documents, contact you and pay online.

Save time, enhance customer experience and boost efficiency. 

– Increase customer engagement and loyalty

– Simplify order tracking 

– Reduce workload for your customer support team

– Increase sales by providing a faster and more secure online payments

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Easy sales, order tracking and payment
In 3 simple steps

A 3 step access to the Customer Portal:

Scan: Just scan the QR code that is present in all documents and emails to access the customer Portal.

Validate: A verification code is sent by email, which must be entered on the login page of the Customer Portal.

Consult: And that’s it! The customer portal will be available to consult all the documents, download them, share them and even send you a message by email.

Get started today ! Streamline your operations, manage your inventory, and enhance your customer experience with IABAKO’s Customer Portal.

Sales management made easy with IABAKO


Connect IABAKO to your e-shop, synchronize the inventory of your products. Easily manage customer orders and deliveries.


Create, send, track your delivery notes. Manage partial deliveries, group several delivery orders in one single invoice.


Manage purchase orders to suppliers (status, inventory and payments). Control partial/total deliveries.


Closely track product inventory movements, manage multiple warehouses, transfers, barcodes, and returns.

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