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Legal notice


Simplified joint stock company with a capital of 15000 €.
Address : 78 Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008, Paris, France.
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Intellectual property

The use of our services and content does not make you its owner. You shall not use our services inappropriately or maliciously. It’s strictly forbidden to : copy, modify, distribute, sell or lend any part of our services, brand, logo, software, or apply any methods of reverse engineering or attempt to extract the code. It’s strictly forbidden to try to access our services through any different method or instruction that is provided by IABAKO. We can suspend the services provided at any time and without prior notice or indemnity if you don’t comply with our terms or if we consider that you have any inappropriate conduct.

Modifications of services

We have a continuous improvement policy. For this reason, we may change, create, suspend or remove features or features from our service or software at any time. These changes can have an impact on prices. We will inform you of any changes through our website.

Responsibility of services

We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages related to the services provided by partners or third parties such as PayPal. IABAKO SAS is not responsible for any claims, lawsuits or legal actions that may arise from the use of these services.

Your account IABAKO

You must create an account to use our service. The information you provide about yourself and your business to open your account must be true (company name, phone, email, addresse etc.). To protect your account, be sure to keep your password and email confidential. It is prohibited to share your login account information. We will not be responsible for the  unauthorized access by third parties (having obtained your password). You are solely responsible for the activity that takes place in your IABAKO account, as well as its content.


After the free trial period, you will need to subscribe to one of our packages to continue to use IABAKO. The payment of this subscription is done through PayPal’s secured payment platform, which is in charge of the whole payment process. Paypal inform us when your payment has been validated. Your IABAKO account will be credited only when Paypal confirms the reception of your payment. We are not responsible for any problems that may happen during the payment process.

We provide online billing and management services in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. You can, at any time, stop using our services and close your account.


Our prices are subject to changes at any time, including one shot and temporary discounts. In case of any price modifications, we will keep you informed through email and our web site.

Service suspension

If you fail to pay IABAKO’s service, we immediately suspend your service without prior notice or indemnity. In compliance with the European laws of  personal data protection, you can request the extraction or deletion of all the information stored in your account. Without any action from your part, your data can be stored  for a period of six years. After six years, we can proceed to fully delete all your data.


We do not make any refunds, specially if after having paid any subscription, you decide to stop using our service.

Support and maintenance

We work constantly to provide you the best quality of services in terms of security, availability, access and functioning of our system. We are committed to answer any questions or problems you may have regarding our services.

At the footer of the website you will find the link to contact an expert. We will contact you back as soon as possible to answer all your concerns, questions or remarks.

Our services are supported by the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. IABAKO uses advanced features that are not supported by Internet Explorer (under or equal to 8.0 version) and moderately supported starting with the version 9.0. IABAKO is not responsible for the poor performance of the system if any version of Internet Explorer is used, therefore we recommend you to use browsers that support the proper functioning of the system. Also, you should make sure to keep a good internet connection allowing you access to IABAKO.

It is essential to have a good Internet connection (stable and fast enough) in order to run IABAKO properly.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

– By accepting these terms of use, you also agree to our Privacy Policy regarding your data. See Privacy Policy

– Also, as stated by European RGPD legislation, you also accept the contract between us, data processors, and you, responsible for the processing Personal Data Processing Contract  

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